3 Healthy Holiday Treats

Holidays are filled with cheer and family and… sugar. While I am certainly not planning on cutting out every last piece of pie or skipping peppermint hot cocoa all together, it is good to change things up with some healthy options that still feel festive. These first two ideas are so simple they take the stress out of holiday “cooking.”

1. Watermelon “Cookies”


Change up your yearly cookie decorating with some cute watermelon cutouts. Decorate liberally with mint for an unbelievably awesome combination of flavor.


2. Yogurt Desserts


Make a festive dessert with yogurt as a base. I like plain whole milk yogurt since it doesn’t have added sugar. But feel free to use vanilla yogurt and/or sweeten with a little honey. A cherry and mint topping gives it some holiday flair.


3. Cranberry Goat Cheese Spring Rolls with Spinach and Sweet Potatoes

Cranberry Goat Cheese Spring Rolls 2

If you want to get a little more invested in a party appetizer, try these Spring Rolls. The combination of sweet cranberries with herbed goat cheese and spinach is rounded out by a hearty sweet potato.

Cranberry Goat Cheese Spring Rolls 3

Cranberry Goat Cheese Spring Rolls 9

Author: Spicy Pineapple

Janette Rawls is a teacher, professional dance artist, cancer survivor, and recipe inventor.

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