Janette Rawls - Headshot 2 - B+WMy name is Janette Rawls, and I am the founder of Spicy Pineapple. I have always loved experimenting in the kitchen. When I married my husband Shawn, we started cooking together (he is a fantastic cook). A few months into marriage, I started cancer treatment (I’m now a 3+ year survivor!!) and cooking together became our escape from all of the chaos. After a long day at the hospital, we would come home and try something we had never made before like ravioli from scratch (not very pretty the first time, but it was delicious). Sometimes we would watch cooking shows like Chopped and then buy each other a secret basket of ingredients for a surprise cooking experience. Life has returned to normal, and cooking together is something we still love. On Spicy Pineapple, you will find all of our favorite recipes. I focus on a lot of healthy options (I want to stock up on all those cancer-fighting cruciferous vegetables just to be safe), but there are some decadent splurges mixed in here and there. When we aren’t in the kitchen, Shawn and I can be found dancing and teaching dance professionally. Check out our dance company Emotions Physical Theatre. I hope you enjoy your cooking adventure.

Shawn at the hospital with me after surgery.


Emotions Physical Theatre performs in the NYC area and on tour.

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